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US- China Blame Game Ends Comes Forward With A Truce

The United states of America and China have settled their feud over the Corona virus Pandemic. The President of the United States termed the virus “Chinese virus” while his secretary of state Mike Pompeo termed it “Wuhan virus”. The Chinese government have found these terms offensive. Beijing also fueled this feud when a foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the U.S. troops had brought the virus to Wuhan, China. National security officials are not sure if the truck will last. President Trump even threatened to hold Beijing responsible for the pandemic which has crippled the world globally and economically.

Recently the United States and China have come to a truck concerning the virus and have agreed to work together towards fighting the Corona virus pandemic. The both countries are super power countries that need to work together. The truck that was reached by both countries is limited to only the pandemic. The virus has killed about 12,000 people in the United States. China is very essential to the United States as about 50% of the imported masks in the U.S. is from China.

Director of Asian research at the council of International relations, Elizabeth said “it also demonstrates a broader sentiment within a lot of the United States that this is not the time to participate in a global recreation”.
China’s ambassador to Washington, Cui Tiankai said China will do “whatever it can to support the USA”. The major priority for Chinese at the moment is to revive global demands for its exports.

China also sees the pandemic situation as an opportunity to expand it’s power. Morgan Ortagus, States department spokeswoman says “True cooperation requires transparency and real actions, not just rhetoric”. The United States is currently expecting planeloads of medical equipment from China. American intelligence officials also advises the Chinese government to stop anti-American information concerning virus.

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