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US – China quarrel leads to cancellation of second virtual G20 leaders summit

An orchestrated video conference between G20 leaders was supposed to be on Friday was dropped a minute ago on account of an undesirable quarrel among China and United States over the role of World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the report in South China Morning Post, the conference was called off at the last minute, adding that the summit could in any case occur soon, if the two sides can concede to a compromise over the WHO, or at least over the wording on the WHO in the G20 communique.

The US has been insisting on holding the World Health Organisation (WHO) accountable for its early activities in handling the coronavirus outbreak, which has killed over 190,000 people across the globe, including close to 50,000 in the US.

The first meeting of the G20 pioneers a month ago on March 26 in the fallout of the covid-19 pandemic was viewed as called by Saudi Arabia, the present seat of the G20, after prime minister Narendra Modi recommended such a meet to talk about the worldwide financial challenge presented by the pandemic. With most nations implementing social distancing and lockdowns carrying monetary action to a halt, oil costs have gone into a spiral and worldwide securities exchanges have smashed. The initial summit had consented to do “whatever it takes to overcome the pandemic” and to reveal a US$5 trillion package to support the worldwide economy.

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