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USA Claims That China Hid The Severity Of COVID-19 From The World To Hoard Medical Supplies

According to fresh reports by the Department for homeland security, China hid the severity of covid-19 and also delayed telling the World Health Organization so as to hoard more medical supplies. According to a report dates May 1, 2020. China “intentionally concealed the severity”. The report also adds that China denied that there were export restrictions. Officials in the US also believe that China covered up the virus to stockpile medical supplies and other items that are essential to respond to the global pandemic. According to the report by the Department of Homeland security intelligence, China didn’t tell the WHO that the virus “was a contagion”. China eventually informed the WHO about the virus on 31 December and publicly announced the virus on January 8.

President Trump has blamed China severely for the global pandemic and side “intelligence has just reported to me that I was correct and that they did not bring up the coronavirus subject matter until late into January”. Coronavirus was first reported in Wuhan, China and has seen spread worldwide. Chinese spokesman in a reply to the accusations of the US government said: “The US government has ignored the facts, diverted public attention and engaged in buck-passing in an attempt to shirk its responsibility for incompetence in the fight against the pandemic”.

China also said that the US government failed to provide testing kits and medical supplies even after having about two months to prepare for the virus. The secretary of state, Pompeo said: “Remember, China has a history of infecting the world, and they have a history of running substandard laboratories”. US intelligence agencies are still examining the speculations that the virus originated in a lab in China. President Trump had also speculated that the spread of the virus might have been some kind of ‘horrible mistakes’.

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