Vijay Mallya gets one step closer to his forced deportation to India

The plea to file an appeal against the rejection of Vijay Mallya’s extradition in the UK Supreme court has been rejected by the high court of justice, London.

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He is a step closer to be deported to India and face the fraud charges after London the court made the UK challenges for his extradition nearly impossible.

On Thursday London court of justice, the UK rejected Mallya’s plea to file an appeal against his extradition with them. This has happened after the division bench of the UK High Court had on the 20th of April dissolved his request in the odds of the orders of the lower court that suggested his deportation and face his trial in India.

The tycoon’s case has no issues of public interest but ruling out an appeal at UK court of justice. He has lost a series of cases since 2018.
The Indian investigation agency, central bureau of investigation along with enforcement directorate, had filed a deportation appeal against Mallya in the charges of criminal conspiracy and cheating. He has been accused of cheating with the employees of IDBI bank and willful default the kingfisher Airline loans available for grounded airlines upto the extent of Rs 900 crore. The requests were filed in January
and the march of 2017 by the Indian agencies.

The founder of kingfisher airlines was arrested on 20 April by the authorities The CBI in a statement said that it is a reminder of how the economic offenders facing probe in large face value cant consider themselves as above the process just because they have changed in the jurisdiction.

The statement also shows the investigation by CBI that show Mallya has raised issues with the admissibility of the evidence, the investigation fairness and extraneous consideration, with the aim to divert attention from his own acts.

Usually, the extradition must take place within 28 days for such cases. Mallya can appeal to the European court of human rights which will not stop the deportation but can be stayed in the pending ruling.

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CBI said that it has made a painstaking investigation in Prima facia case in the odds of Mallya and to convince the court about the norms of the European court of human rights regarding prison condition and human rights.

The business tycoon is one step closer to being deported to India and face the fraud charges along with heavy punishment.

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