Bigg Boss 14 Shocker! Vikas Gupta makes an emotional revelation about his relationship status with “this”…

Bigg Boss is once again angry over contestants Nikki Tamboli and Aly Goni for spoiling the nominations task and punish all the contestants for the same.

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Bigg Boss even blamed Goni and Nikki said that they have a habit of flouting rules of the house. While all the Spicy Drama is done, there’s Contestant & Producer Vikas Gupta’s emotional promo making everyone wonder.

In the latest Promo of the show, Gupta can be seen crying in front of fellow contestants and making a shocking revelation about a person.

Vikas said : ‘He & I were together for a year and half before he came into this show’, I’ve gone through so much emotional stages

Rubina and others can be seen giving shock reactions about Gupta’s revelation.

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