Viral WhatsApp Forward claiming imposition of Complete lockdown in India from June 15 is FAKE NEWS, Check the story here

Recently, there is a viral Whatsapp message forward claiming the imposition of complete Lockdown in India from June 15 is fake news.

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If you also have received any forward which claims that the country will be under lockdown again from 15 June, don’t believe it.

The Press Trust bureau’s fact check section took a post to Twitter to dismiss this fake news. In a twitter post, PIB fact check confirmed this as fake news and also appealed to everyone to be aware of such pictures spreading false information.

PIB Claimed,” there is a picture circulating on social media which is claiming for total lockdown and imposing restrictions on trains and flights again from June 15 as it is indicated by the home ministry.

PIB fact check added, “This is fake news please be aware of such pictures and fake news As soon PIB tweeted the post the people start commenting like thanks for quick responses and said should take strict action against it.

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