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We have not flouted any guidelines: Bhavai makers.

The recent movie that was named Raavan Leela and starred the Scam 1992 actor Pratik Gandhi had to face some controversies. They had faced some criticisms from the CBCF and they had asked the producers to clarify certain places. They were under tight scrutiny from CBCF and even had to change the name of the movie to Bhavai.

We have not flouted any guidelines: Bhavai makers.

However, the producers have cleared everything and the movie will release on October 22. The CBCF had pointed out that the story might hurt some religious sentiments, to which the producers said “Our film BHAVAI is a fictional love story of two individuals, Raja Ram Joshi (Pratik Gandhi) and Rani (Aindrita Ray), working in a drama company and how their life changes off stage. The film promo was released under the title, Raavan Leela, as the protagonist is a drama actor who plays the role of Raavan in the drama.

They later on told “We are a renowned and law-abiding production house and are interested in creating and showcasing good cinema for the audience and our stakeholders. We have never flouted any rules or guidelines. We have submitted all the required statements, documents, replies to the board. Our movie has also been given a ‘U’ censor certificate under the name of “Bhavai” on 12-11-2020. We have sought advice from our legal advisors too and in complete compliance with the law, we would like to go ahead and proceed with the release of our film on the new release date, 22nd October.

We are extremely excited for the movie to be released! 

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