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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Clash Of Clans?

C. O. C I mean Clash Of Clans is a beautiful strategy game which was produced by the SUPERCELL. Thats actually a strategy game. When it’s launched then millions of players played this game. So that was famous in that time.

In this game there has a kingdom which is called clans. There has some major unit, defence unit & attacking unit.
At first major unit, there has a town hall which means the palace of the king. There has another major unit named Worker House, in where the worker lives. Oops, I have missed more important units like
Gold Mine: It’s an economical unit where a player can get gold coins to upgrade and buy the units.
Gold saver: It’s saving unit where gold coins are placed after coming from mind.
Elixir unit: That’s the unit where the player can get elixir. The elixir is a thing which produces the soldiers.
Elixir Balls: It’s a elixir saving unit.
Spell Maker: There has the spell maker unit which makes the spell.

Now there has some defence unit

Canon: That’s a basic unit which defences the ground attack unit. When we upgrade this unit the range and damage is increased.

Archer Tower: It’s a tower where archers are places. It can defend both ground and air unit. When we upgrade that unit the number of archers and the quality & the range is increased.

Traps: there are some type of traps like

Bombs: That bombs are actually works as mines. That’s invisible for enemy troops.
Snake trap: That’s a trap where many snakes are planted. When enemy troops are deployed that trap is invisible. When they passes over it, the troops are damaged.
Push trap: When the enemy troops are deployed they are pushed up from ground. That trap causes small damage fir troops.
Balloon trap: That’s only the areal trap which defends the areal attack. That balloon is filled with explosive.
Tesla: That’s an areal cum ground defence which attracts the troops towards itself and destroy the troops.
Wall: It’s a basic defence of Clash Of Clans. That only defends the ground attack for a while.
Air Radar: That’s a unit which defend the areal attack. When any areal attack unit is in it’s range it lunches missiles.
Demon: That’s attack unit but in high level that’s the defence unit of any clans. It ban defend any ground unit.
Dragon: It’s also a attack cum defence unit. It defends areal cum ground attack.
Mortar : It defends the ground unit only. It acts like artillery firing.
Large Skeleton: It contains with a big bomb. It punches the enemy troops. And after death it releases the bomb that gives a big damage.

There are some attack unit like

Barberian : This unit is a battalion unit that attacks all units.
Demons: That’s unit which only attacks any type of defence unit.
Goblins: It attacks all units. It’s damage is very fast. It attacks in units in group.
Balloon: It only attacks in defence units. After that it attacks the rest units.
Dragon : It has to division 1. Electro, 2. Fire. But both the dragons are used in defence cum attack unit. It only attacks defence unit.
Wizard: It attacks all unit it produces the skeletons that also attacks all unit that’s a benefit to win the battle.
Magician: It attacks all the unit it attacks with fire.
Archers: That troops are given after barbarian that can attack all unit.

Now for a player there are given 2 minutes to give the loot. The player can deploy his/her troops out of the enemy clan borders. 2 minutes is the only time where the players can attack. After reaching the high levels there are new place named night base. That’s also a resemble of day base. I have forgotten to tell about another attacking unit that’s spell that is the magical unit which damages the enemy’s troops. In there player can select the troops in the war there should have the best troops w.r.t the choice of player.

Advantage of playing C. O. C

C. O. C is a multiplayer game so who plays the multiplayer game that’s ideal.
Who wants to play strategy not the aggressive war that’s eligible for that player.
That game is too small size to install so that’s a suitable game for all mobile.
The trash file or catche file is too small so the game can’t take much mobile memory.

There has some dis advantages of the game:

This game is very harmful for mobile because that’s direct online game. This game heats the mobile memory.

In that game there are no clear data about units attack so that we can’t recognize the unit by the attack.

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