Harvard University some of it’s online courses from all sort of subject fields free of cost to help people during quarantine


Online courses are offered by any Universities. It has many scope and enrich the students capacity. It is a online Platform were students are enriched with many talents. It makes easy learning of course from base and can develop the knowledge of students. Completion of online course is being the big deal for students, But it has many scope. Now they is the golden opportunity for the students do to the online courses for free of cost. students should make use of it.

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Harvard University made any courses free of cost which is appreciable. In many institutions it is the duty of the students to do online courses. Their have to complete atleast two online courses before completing their final year. It has been became the big deal for students. Institutions will suggest the online field. Some online courses are affordable to students but many courses are in High cost. So, the students struggle to complete their online courses. Now it is the golden opportunity for students to complete the online courses for free of cost. And many had reduced the price to half. This was appreciable one. Students can make use of lockdown.

“Useful time in boring schedule”

This lockdown as become bore. Boring schedule can be Orifice by online courses. This lockdown is unpredictable and no one has think of this lockdown. For time being many were moved to native but unfortunately it has been extended. Profession are keep away due to Lockdown. Then how can we overcome this boring schedule?
As the online courses are being given for free of cost, we can make use of time. And can also do internship in any companies. World is in our hand so, one can make use of it. It was the best way to overcome the lockdown. For students it very hard to stay home without any work. This will help students at extinct and spend happily. Have the busy time in a boring schedule.

“Best experience”

Students will have the new experience. It is just different from listening the subject in class, Concentration will lack and the flow will be distributed. But while learning the entire course in online will also make one bored, it has the second chance. The video can be seen later and can get concentration.
In short period it is possible to learn and the experience about one course. This online platform had been successful and profitable at the extent.

Also in this quarantine time one can do internship which also give the best experience. It will make oneself feel comfortable with company and can get the best experience while working under companies. Students should make use of this quarantine period useful and stay home. If one is bind with work their will never come out from home. One can also Obey the rules of Government and also do some responsible activity.


Make use off online platform, this was the request to every students. Harvard University made any courses free of cost which is appreciable. In many institutions it is the duty of the students to do online courses.

“Chance is in our doorstep, it knocks ones, just make use of it”

Thus opportunity never exists again. While sitting idle in home and getting scolding from our mother which is being routine just we can change our routine. By moving to make time useful. Time is the one which cannot be regained.

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