What is the cost of Anil Kapoor’s clothes?

The cast of The Night Manager, which includes Sobhita Dhulipala, Aditya Roy Kapoor, and Anil Kapoor, is ready to appear in The Kapil Sharma Show’s final episode. Anil Kapoor recalls an amusing anecdote regarding his sense of style and Salman Khan in a viral promo that went online prior to the film’s premiere. Already intrigued?

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What is the cost of Anil Kapoor's clothes?

Anil Kapoor’s choice of fashionable attire in the-discussed web series The Night Manager was praised by Kapil Sharma in the promo. He praised the Mr. India actor, saying “Looking at your suits and night suits, there was that international vibe in your outfits.”

Laughing, Anil Kapoor retorted, “Night suit mein Toh Nahi tha Yaar. “Anil Kapoor is prodded once more by Kapil Sharma, who queries him further: “You wore these stylish outfits, was this due to the script or you demanded these attires for the show? “With no delay, Anil Kapoor responded, “It was my demand.”

Then, Kapil Sharma continues to praise Anil Kapoor by saying,” You were indeed looking very dashing in the show. “Anil Kapoor told Salman Khan about an intriguing incident at that point. The actor said to the comedian, “I worked with Salman Khan on a movie, and my clothing bill came in at a hefty sum. Salman said, “I have never received a clothing bill for this much money in my entire career. “I, therefore, said to him, “You look so handsome, you would look good in jeans and a T-shirt, but I need to wear good clothes too.”

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