Who is Akshay Kumar’s stylist in OMG 2?

Nitasha Gaurav is Akshay Kumar’s stylist. He has been styled by her for several years in preparation for various occasions and appearances. Nitasha is renowned for her elegant and stylish choices, which complement Akshay Kumar’s style.

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Who is Akshay Kumar's stylist in OMG 2?

Nitasha Gaurav, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the London College of Fashion, spent four years as the fashion editor at Femina. Before working on her own as a celebrity stylist, she had previously worked at the NIFT Fashion Communication department and previously worked with stars like Ranveer Singh, Dhanush, Arjun Kapoor, and Abhay Deol.”I believe that formal education in the fashion industry is increasingly necessary. Expertise is needed in this line of work, she claims.

Her aesthetic sense is vibrant and has a good deal of humour in it. She claims, “I love seeing the strange and enjoy everything bizarre. “Ranveer Singh is seen wearing traditionally feminine silhouettes, such as skirts, and there is a rebellious quality that comes through. Especially about gender-specific roles, I like to push the envelope. She is well aware of the influence modern society’s use of fashion has, “It can be a voice for a movement you want to start. For instance, consider “Free the Nipple. “Through their clothing, the LGBTQIA+ community expresses itself. According to her, it is a tool for forming and modifying opinions. What then serves as the fundamental guide when deciding on your client’s “look”?

“The client’s personality is important. The type of event we are dressing him for also affects the answer. Red carpet events tend to be more glam, whereas ad shoots are styled with the characters in the scripts in mind,” she explains.

Nitasha frequently dresses celebrities, though she wouldn’t necessarily describe herself as setting trends. “Because I move around so much during the day, I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt. I prefer that people concentrate on the work I produce rather than on me, though a lot of the work I do is covered in the media, I don’t set trends, she claims.

But she always tries to work with new and innovative designers to maintain her style.” While the senior designers are amazing and contribute a lot, the younger ones are more conceptually inventive. I enjoy fashion weeks because I can meet so many new creatives there.

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