What is the income of Carryminati/Ajey Nagar?

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Many people do not know the name of Ajey Nagar but you all know about the YouTube channel name CarryMinati. If you do not know about CarryMinati i can tell you about this. Ajey Nagar is the owner of CarryMinati YouTube channel. Ajey Nagar was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad. He is 20 years old. CarryMinati was born in middle class family. CarryMinati does not like study but he is known as the great entertainer for his friends. Recently, Ajey crossed milestone of 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and we hope he will hit 10 million very soon.

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He is about 5’5 tall and weighs about 60Kg. He has black eyes and black hair. His body measures 36 inches of chest, 28 inches of tail and 14 inches of biceps.


Carryminati completed his schooling from Delhi Public School(D.P.S) in Arts Stream. He was an average student in school. After his Board Exams he totally focused on his YouTube Channel and he scored average marks in 12th standard. Now he choose his career in YouTube only.


He started his YouTube journey with the channel name “STeaLThFeArzZwhere he uplaod his gameplay videos. But he never got success on his channel so he quit and started a new YouTube Channel with the name “CarryMinati” where he uploads roasting funny videos of TikTok Users and other youtubers.  

The video that made him famous was When he roast Bhuvan Bam(Bbkivines), even Bhuvan Bam reacted on his video that(he never saw this type of roast of him. Now he has 7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel with Platinum Play Button of YouTube.

After getting successful in his first channel, on 8th january 2017, he started a Gaming YouTube channel “carryislive” where he livestream online games like Pubg Mobile, Apex Legends, Fortnite etc. Basically the main reason of this channel is to interact with his public on daily basis. After uploading the video he always livestream right after that to relax and chill in night.

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carryminati, carryislive, carryminati income, carryminati income, carryminati earning
He visited Paris where he met Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill  for the promotion of the film “Mission Impossible Fallout” and he also interviewed Tom Cruise and the entire cast which he uploaded on his YouTube channel. If you want to watch the interview click here.


As we all know Alan Walker promoted his new song in Pubg Mobile so some famous gaming youtubers get chance to meet him. Carryminati met him and interviewed him. He also upload the interview on his channel. If you want to watch the interview with Alan Walker click here…..

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Recently, he collaborated with a very famous bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana for promoting his upcoming movie “Article15: A true story based on discrimination and rape cases in India”.

carryminati, carryislive, carryminati income, carryminati income, carryminati earning





The monthly income of Carryminati/Ajey Nagar is 12-15 lakhs including his youtube channel and sponserships. The annual income of Carryminati is 1.62 Crores. 
The monthly income of Carryislive is 6-7 lakhs including his youtube channel and sponserships and superchats he recieves from his fans. The annual income of Carryislive is 50 lakhs.

Social Accounts

Snapchat  : heyAjey
Instagram : Link
Facebook : Link
Twitter : Link

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