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What is the meaning of Kangana Ranaut’s tattoo?

Kangana Ranaut has earned a reputation as the “Queen” of Bollywood because of the phenomenal success of her Hindi film Queen. The ‘Most Fashionable Diva’ in Bollywood, is. ‘Vero Moda Marquee by Kangana Ranaut’ is the name of the apparel collection she has even debuted with the European retailer Vero Moda. She has also gained a lot of popularity for making unapologetically controversial remarks that are both bold and honest. Her tattoos mirror her personality in that they are equally striking.

What is the meaning of Kangana Ranaut's tattoo?

1. Warrier angel tattoo- Her three facets of existence are represented by the warrior angel tattoo. The sword itself symbolises her fearless approach to overcoming obstacles in the film industry. The wings on the sides of the sword represent her desires, wishes, and freedom, which allowed her to follow her own path to becoming an actress despite having no film background. The crown on top of the sword symbolises her power as she feels like a princess.

2. Angel tattoo- An ‘Angel’ tattoo was placed on Kangana Ranaut’s left ankle. Angels are referred to as God’s messengers. In actuality, the Latin term for angel means “messenger of God.” By following her gut, Kangana has always believed that angels oversee our lives.

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