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Which actors/actresses were jailed in their Bollywood careers?

Bollywood performers are revered as legends, and everyone from young children to the elderly looks up to them because of their portrayals of bravery in films and in real life.

Which actors/actresses were jailed in their Bollywood careers?

However, occasionally things go the other way, and these idols lose composure and control in real life. The list of Bollywood actors who were sentenced to prison includes megastars Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Johan Abraham, and Suraj Pancholi.

1 Salman Khan- While Hum Saath – Saath Hain (1999) was being filmed in Rajasthan, the actor was involved in two major crimes: hit-and-run and striking a blackbuck.

2 Sanjay Dutt- Dutt, the star of the 1990s, was given a 5-year term for keeping illegal weapons in his home during the Mumbai serial blasts of 1991–1993. The actor served his 5-year sentence in prison before being freed in February 2016 and is currently working on many films back-to-back.

3 John Abharam- In 2006, the actor was driving his Hayabusa when he lost control and collided with a bike, injuring two people. John was sentenced to a 15-day prison term for reckless driving.

4 Saif Ali Khan- Although Saif Ali Khan was exonerated in the Blackbuck case, he once struck a guy at the Taj hotel in Mumbai, which caused the victim to go to the hospital while Saif Ali Khan served time in jail.

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