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What is the MURDER CONTROVERSY behind Satish Kaushik’s death?

The unfortunate death of Satish Kaushik shocked everyone and people are still trying to cope. However, now news has been spreading of a foul act behind the actor’s death. Are these rumours true? Let us find out.

What is the MURDER CONTROVERSY behind Satish Kaushik's death?

The actor was playing holi at Vikas Malu’s farmhouse before he suffered from cardiac arrest. Around 12 am he called his manager that he had trouble breathing. His manager took him to the hospital where he died.

Reports say that Vikas Malu and Satish Kaushik had troubled relations between them. The two had business ties and had financial disputes between them. A police team from Delhi’s Southwest district went to the farmhouse for inspection. They said that they would be reviewing the CCTV footage of the day of holi celebrations and conducting a formal inspection.

However, the official postpartum report states the reason for death to be cardiac arrest. The cause of death, according to the post-mortem report, was cardiac arrest caused by coronary artery blockage, which is associated with coronary artery diseases.

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