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What Makes Moana the “best Disney princess”?

While most of the Disney princesses are put in a stereotypical box of portrayal, Moana stands out and outshines the conventional image of a princess. Not just the character but the plot of the movie is also different and worth appreciating. The movie puts forward the idea of a feminist utopia. The revolutionary plot gives freedom to Moana to be the next chief of Motunui, without the need to marry. Elimination of a love interest intensifies Moana’s individuality and courage and defines her story as hers.

What Makes Moana the "best Disney princess"?
  • Let’s dive into what makes Moana the best Disney princess of all time.

She holds her family close to her heart.

The movie, unlike most Disney movies, portrays fewer family conflicts. In fact, Moana’s family encourages her to be the next chief of the village and understand the responsibilities that come along with it. The portrayal of family bonding in the movie adds sweetness to both the plot of the movie and the characterization of Moana. Even after coming back from her adventure, she restores her people to their roots. The village people live a life of togetherness and promote the idea of unity and bonding.

Moana works to develop the skill to accomplish her goal.

The princess works to accomplish her goal, instead of just waiting for fate and luck to work. She puts effort into understanding Maui’s instructions and works hard in improving her skills of sailing the boat. Even though we see the role of supernatural elements helping her in honing her skills, yet the hard work and dedication that Moana shows are commendable and impressive for viewers.

She embodies self-empowerment, determination, and loyalty.

On her adventure, after learning to sail the boat by herself, she shows dedication and loyalty towards saving her village. After she encounters the giant demi-god Maui, she is not afraid but puts her loyalty and dedication towards her task, and faces the giant to drag him with her on the adventure and restore the heart of Te Fiti.

Moana doesn’t deceive.

Remember how Cinderella sneaks out of her home to reach the ball, and how Aladin deceives Jasmine to win her heart; our best and favourite Disney Princess is not like any of them. She plans to go on the adventure but with the support of some of her family members, knowing that there is a much-needed task that only Moana can do and that she should and must do.

She has a kind and humble heart.

Before setting out for the big adventure, we see our little girl helping a tiny turtle to get back in the water without getting eaten by big birds. She picks up a big leaf and saves the tiny turtle. The scene simply melts every viewer’s heart. No matter what age group you belong to, the director makes sure to make you go awww with Moana’s humble and compassionate heart. Further, as she grows older she sets forth her adventure only to save her village and her people even after knowing that she could not sail the boat. She risks her life for her people and her village.

Moana’s humble heart makes her kind enough to prioritize her people and her family.

Her humble heart makes her kind enough to think about saving her family and her people even if that means risking her life and going on an adventure that might put her in danger. She is willing to go beyond her comfort zone to prioritize things that matter to her. By doing such brave and humble acts, she not just breaks the stereotypes that restrict the capabilities of any girl or woman but also breaks the stereotypical notions of characteristics that are commonly associated with princesses. This as a whole makes Moana stand out.

The severity of Moana’s mission doesn’t stop her from having fun.

Now and then we see Moana enjoying her sail, the presence of Maui, and her sidekick Hei Hei, the rooster. Unlike modern working conditions of women, she puts forward the possibility of balancing work and life. She focuses on her mission and works hard to restore the heart of Te Fiti and save her island, but she also remembers to enjoy her journey and cherish her mission. Moana gives true and needful lessons to all modern working women. This makes the movie suitable for different age groups. The movie does not stick to any target audience but focuses on a wide range of interested viewers.

She has a believable body.

‘Moana’s body is not flawless. Her body is not what defines her as a ‘princess’ instead it’s her dedication and bravery that makes her Moana, the next chief of Motunui. She has a somewhat rounded body and reasonable flaws that add to her originality and makes her a reliable character. Furthermore, her believable body breaks the stereotypical physical image of a princess.

Dear Moana,

Thank you for being the princess we all needed. Your image gives us the strength to be self-empowered for our missions and your humble nature melts our hearts. We wish to meet more characters like you.

With love,

Your loyal viewers.

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