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What was Aamir Khan’s remark on milk being offered to stone idols?

In Bollywood, Aamir Khan’s name was not just Mr Perfectionist. Seeing the way Aamir acts in each of his films, it seems that he himself is an acting school. Aamir also demonstrated this ability in his new film ‘PK’. ‘PK’ is a film made on such a subject, after watching it, you will start asking yourself many questions. Now we can call it the magic of Aamir Khan or the art of presenting a good subject in a sequential manner.

What was Aamir Khan's remark on milk being offered to stone idols?

If you have seen Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal starrer OMG, then this film is two steps ahead. The way superstition was broken in the name of God and Dharma-Karma in OMG, the same thing was done in the same way, but the method is somewhat different. The way some people run their business here in the name of God, PK teaches them a lesson without saying anything. Although this thing was allegedly done by the messengers of God, PK also shows a mirror to that section of the society, Those who are wearing the cloak of superstition or trying to cover them. In this film, the message has been given directly that how our society makes a person’s character certificate after knowing his religion. Now in such a situation, the film leaves some questions in front of us whether we have to modify this traditional thinking or take a dip in the ocean of this superstition.

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