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Which actors/actresses own lavish restaurants?

Bollywood superstars boast of leading luxurious lifestyles, flaunting everything from driving fancy automobiles to dressing in luxury clothing and living in lavish homes. Some of your favourite celebrities and actresses in the film industry are known to operate various companies in addition to making movies.

Which actors/actresses own lavish restaurants?

Let’s take a peek at some well-known tinsel town celebs that run expensive restaurants and pubs among the many business trips.

SHILPA – SHETTY AND RAJ KUNDRA- Shilpa and Raj Kundra are the proud proprietors of Mumbai’s Bastian brand of restaurants, according to BollywoodShaadis.com. The seafood specialties at the Bastian restaurants are varied. The interior design has a vaulted ceiling, wooden furniture, floors, and chandeliers from the past.

SUNIEL SHETTY- Since the 2000s, Suniel Shetty has been the proprietor of H2O- The Liquid Lounge, a well-known eating establishment combined with a bar.

PRIYANKA CHOPRA- The actress is a skilled restaurateur and is the proprietor of the Indian restaurant Sona in New York.

BOBBY DEOL- Bobby Deol has also dabbled in the culinary industry. The actor owns and operates Someplace Else, a retro-themed restaurant in Mumbai’s Andheri neighbourhood. The restaurant offers a mouthwatering combination of Chinese and Indian cuisine.

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