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Which B-TOWN CELEBS are fond of Cooking?

Here are a few celebs who are fond of cooking-

Which B-TOWN CELEBS are fond of Cooking?

1. AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one B-town diva who, because of the enormous success she has achieved, is in no way required to enter the kitchen. Aishwarya is mostly praised for creating some of the best desserts. The previous Miss World said that she learned how to cook by helping her mother in the kitchen. Aishwarya can confidently grill many southern desserts, traditional Mangalorean cuisine, and other sweets.

2. ABHISHEK BACHCHAN- When it comes to catering, the younger Bachchan is just as competent as his wife. Abhishek enjoys using cooking as a way to relieve stress, and his chicken curry is reportedly out of this world. On Farah Khan’s cooking show, he even revealed a healthy technique to make Dahi Chicken Curry.

3. DEEPIKA PADUKONE- In addition to being magnificent on screen, Deepika, the current monarch of B-town, is renowned for being an incredible cook. She has credited her own culinary prowess to her mother’s extraordinary gourmet ability. She adores roasting and creates opulent traditional Karnataka dishes like rasam and idlis. True beauty with brains for catering!

4. IMRAN KHAN- Bollywood’s “chocolate young man,” Imran Khan, also possesses exceptional culinary skills. In fact, he participated in a cooking competition with Kareena Kapoor Khan and made some incredible spaghetti bolognese that genuinely amazed the critics. He enjoys preparing and eating spicy foods with loads of flavour, and he usually creates mouthwatering dishes that are scorching, heavily spiced, and flavorful. He just shared his most recent dish on Instagram, a Rajma Curry rich in habanero chiles that he had prepared for his family.

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