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Which B-Town CELEBS tried their luck in Hollywood but failed?

Numerous Bollywood celebrities have relocated to Hollywood over the last few years, leaving their stamp. Many well-known Bollywood stars have made an attempt at acting in Hollywood films. But none of them could genuinely identify a noteworthy location there. Many of them have dabbled in Hollywood films for a while, but they haven’t been able to achieve the same level of success in the West as they have in India. Following this, we have included a few Bollywood stars who have had unsuccessful Hollywood attempts below.

Which B-Town CELEBS tried their luck in Hollywood but failed?

1 TABU- She has become a renowned actress in Bollywood because of her natural acting abilities and realistic style. But the woman has also been in some of the most popular Hollywood films. Nevertheless, despite her prominent role in each of those flicks, her popularity over there didn’t receive that response.

2 ANIL KAPOOR- His name is well-known throughout the East and he has been in many films. The actor, meanwhile, was unable to duplicate Bollywood’s level of popularity in Hollywood. The actor has appeared in a few Western films, although not many of them have garnered much attention.

3 ANUPAM KHER- Anupam Kher has appeared in several films, and his work has consistently been well-received. By playing unpleasant characters, he has in reality made an impact. The actress, nevertheless, was unable to receive the same reception in Hollywood.

4 AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN- She is one of the select few Bollywood actresses who has achieved great success, and she has long been regarded as one of the industry figures who takes the time to choose scripts and the greatest films for her. People are smitten with her because of her captivating screen presence and acting prowess. She was unable to acquire that level of popularity in the West, though.

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