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Which B-Town CELEBS has the most flop movies?

The acting career is nothing more than a collection of duds and successes. Many Bollywood stars now hold the top positions in the business only due to their big-brand value and the number of films they produce, but in actuality, their success and failure rates are what determine their place at the top. Surprisingly, we have a few celebrities whose career graphs have seen more setbacks than gains.

1. RANBIR KAPOOR- Unquestionably the “chocolate boy” of the business, Ranbir Kapoor has stolen many people’s hearts. The actor is still searching for major success, despite Sanju’s huge success and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s relative failure. In his lengthy acting career, Ranbir has produced six dud films.

Which B-Town CELEBS has the most flop movies?

2. KANGANA KANAUT- Many people might be surprised by this. The confident and stunning Kangana Ranaut is still able to stabilise her shaky career. The “Queen” of the Bollywood business has now appeared in 8 dud films. All eyes are currently focused on Dhaka’s development.

3. SHAHID KAPOOR- One of Bollywood’s most adaptable performers, Shahid Kapoor has displayed his talent across all film genres. But it appears that Shahid is not doing well at the box office. And the actor’s career, which includes more than 15 dud films, including his most recent, Jersey, is evidence of that.

4. KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN- Although it may sound tragic, it is the reality. Kareena is one of the select few talented actors who often stole our hearts with their acting prowess and attractiveness. The actress may have created a handful of iconic on-screen personas, but over her career, she has also starred in over 21 disasters.

5. AJAY DEVGAN- Ajay Devgn’s flop number is still high in the box despite the fact that we are aware that your eyes immediately bulged upon seeing this name. The actor with one of the highest brand values in the business has appeared in more than 88 Bollywood films, of which 43 are considered duds.

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