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Who designs Urfi Javed’s clothes?

Whenever Urfi Javed comes out wearing her bold and strange style clothes, people criticize her. But also, look at her, with surprise. Seeing her clothes, the question arises in everyone’s mind about who designs her clothes. Shweta Srivastav’s hand is behind the unusual clothes of Urfi Javed. But the mind belongs to Urfi Javed. Urfi Javed and designer Shweta Srivastava recently talked about clothes and told many funny things in a conversation with E-Times.

Who designs Urfi Javed's clothes?

Urfi Javed said that she and Shweta have known each other for 15 years. Urfi Javed said that she was looking for a designer for a long time that’s when she came to know about Shweta Srivastava and thus she started designing her clothes. When Shweta Srivastava was asked how long it would take to sew Urfi’s clothes and who gave the idea. Shweta took Urfi’s name in response. Shweta Srivastava said that all the ideas belong to Urfi, what kind of dress she had to wear, she just designs.

However, it takes hours to sew the clothes if Urfi And Shweta are told that their clothes of Urfi are stitched overnight. Sometimes the work goes on till 3 in the morning and has gone. Shweta said that she does not design for any other star or celeb in the industry. She only works for Urfi Javed and it’s her own decision. On the other hand, when Urfi Javed was asked when she comes down from her building or walks on the road, people do not say. Something?

In response, Urfi said, Most people in my building do not even know that I live there. Not so in Mumbai. We don’t even know who is living in the next house in the neighbourhood. Yes, when I go out on the road, people start making videos without asking me. But they should take permission from me for it. By the way, I do not refuse to take selfies with people.


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