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Who is Akshay Kumar’s mother in the Bell Bottom movie?

Akshay Kumar acted Bell Bottom is the first major film to release in the theatre after the ongoing pandemic. The plot of the movie is based on true events. It is based on the real-life hijacking that took place in 1980 which shook the whole country. Apart from Akshay, we see Lara Dutt in this film playing the role of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Vaani Kapoor played the role of his wife.

Who is Akshay Kumar's mother in the Bell Bottom movie?

In the pre-interval, we can even see some good scenes between Anshul and his mother is mother Raavi (played by Dolly Ahluwalia). But the story becomes more interesting in the second half.

Lara Dutt’s look in the film was the talk of the town and her performance in the movie was very much appreciable and audiences really liked it.

The last 40min of the film and the climax was brilliantly shot.

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