Who is Stephan Matto, the star who is making money by selling her breast sweats?

Stephan Matto, an influencer and former star of the reality TV show “90Days Fiance”, says she makes thousands of dollars a day selling jars of her breast sweat. In several TikTok posts over the past week, the 31-year-old Connecticut-based producer has shared how she is sweating from her breasts after sitting outside in the sun. She tells you all you need to do is bottle the Sun, Cha chas should and should sit for hours like Maple trees.

Who is Stephan Matto, the star who is making money by selling her breast sweats?

She has said in a video in which she is seen pointing towards the sun and then standing outside with a small container pressed to her chest. According to another TikTok, each bottle of Boob sweat cost $500. Online response to Matto’s business model has been mixed with fans applauding her for being creative while others criticized her for not getting a real job. Not that she takes criticism into account. In an interview with an insider in January, she said she had earned about $200,000 by selling bottled farts to her fans, but the doctor advised her that her excessive wind-breaking was taking a toll on her body.


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