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Who was Zendaya’s make-up artist for the NMACC event?

Zendaya Coleman who is known for her versatility and her fame is not only famous in Hollywood but also in Bollywood. Recently, she was seen at the launch of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre and looked stunning in her exquisite saree. But do you know who did her makeup for the event? It was Zendaya herself!

Who was Zendaya's make-up artist for the NMACC event?

A fan said that Zendaya Coleman applied her own cosmetics for the occasion amid the praise the star garnered online. For users, Twitter has recently been a hot topic. Zendaya Coleman received a message from a fan saying, “You looked absolutely stunning in your saree. I hope your stay in India is enjoyable! You did your own makeup, right? If so, the heart-eyes emoji makes it appear wonderful. I did, Euphoria Star retorted. She even used emojis to express gratitude to the user.

Everyone couldn’t stop but go ga-ga over her look!

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