Why Urfi Javed And Kashmera Shah Fighting?

The catfight between Urfi Javed and Kashmera Shah is the talk of the town today. It all started with Farah Khan Ali’s statements
(Sussane khan’s sister) to which Kashmera also interrupted.

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Why Urfi Javed And Kashmera Shah Fighting?

The actresses went into a huge fight when Kashmera said to Urfi that she is famous only on Instagram but not in real to this Urfi replied,
“Oh yeah! I read what she said about me. Aapne jo statements bole hai koi valid point toh likho yaar. I am famous on Instagram but not in real life. Aap toh dono mein hi nahi ho.”

But things didn’t take a halt here. Kashmera also mentioned the incident when Urfi argued with the watchman. She mocked Urfi saying that
she knows her because she is famous on Instagram and she is the same girl whom the watchman stopped to stand on the roads.
Urfi bashes Kashmera with new notes on Instagram she also called Kashmera a ‘bully’ and a ‘stalker’.

What do you guys think about this controversy?

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