With country facing a supply crunch, Railways are taking the charge by delivering essentials across the nation

As we all know the situation is very difficult and critical all over the world. Since 1 month all the nation has been lockdown. In this critical pandemic, the basic need has not getting properly. The situation in our nation is becoming worst day by day. Many people doesn’t get basic needs like food, sanitizer, face mask etc.. on time and this things are very important right now.

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Union government is giving their efforts by making sure that everyone gets basic needs. In this COVID-19, many places converted into isolation wards, including railways. Now government have taken an initiative by delivering essential through good carrier train across the nation. The union government is giving special attention that the supply chain of essential goods are maintain besides, the farm production are also transport without any problem and difficult within state and inter-state.

Railway started delivering essential since 23rd March 2020. Till now, railways has transported approx. 7.85 lakh wagons of commodities and 5.50 lakh of essential commodities such as food grains, oil, salt, sugar, coal, petroleum etc. It includes 22347 wagons of food grains, 11456 wagons of fertilizers, and 126754 wagons of coal and petroleum.

Indian Railways has granted the special permission to all the workers who are helping delivering essentials to particular places where it needed. Union government gave permission to farmers to work outside with respect to extension of COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the Department of fertilizers and Ministry of chemicals are ensuring the supply of fertilizers.

Recently ministry said, “During the situation of lockdown across the nations, Indian Railways deployed various goods sheds, staff and control office to work 24/7 to ensure the supply of basic need of items for the nation and it doesn’t get affected”.

Due to lockdown extend, Indian railways cancel all the passenger train till 3rd May. Now, Indian Railways are showing more efforts of supply chain.

North Central Railway zone officers start helpline to help in delivering of essential items. The helpline called “SETU” has been started by IRTS officers to ensure the smooth transportation of essential items. On Thursday, NTR said “The team is active 24/7 between suppliers and purchasers with the difference that the service is limited to overcome the shortage of basic needs”, Sanchit Tyagi, senior divisional commercial (DCM), North Central Railway, Allahabad said.

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Inspired by PM Modi ‘Vayam Rashtrey Jaagrayam’ while announcing the extension of lockdown till 3rd May, he said that the trainee officers with the support and guidance of IRTS officers, started a voluntary initiative through SETU on same day.

Explaining on how system works Tyagi explained that some time supplier find it difficulties to dispatch the essential commodities in lockdown restrictions. But if they approach SETU helpline 8448848477, the officer will come and check all the formalities on time, including transportation of the commodities to the nearest railway station and loading of the commodities by the first possible train- the officer added.

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In the situation, the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), food grains, medicines, vegetables etc. in any place, they can approach the senior DCM or senior Divisional Operations manager (DOM) of the nearest railway station to provide the supply of need immediately.

Railways has introduced 110 time-table of good carrier trains to supply of products. Approximately, 60 routes have been notified since 23rd March 2020. With this all the big and small cities of India will be connected for transportation at fast speed. The Ministry of Home affairs (MHA) has given this special permission to make sure to get all the medical and foodstuff equipment get to all the people who are in need.

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