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All the e commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon are allowed the sale and delivery of non essential items from April 20

All the e-commerce companies were ordered to pack up temporarily thanks to COVID-19. Amazon flipkart suspended the orders of non-essential. The orders of essential goods were allowed like food grocery, medicines etc. thwey were said to prevent transporting to warehouses and orders are already under shipping will have procedure as normal, but shipping of latest orders weren’t allowed.

The Ministry of Home Affairs made a revised list of of sevices which will be allowed during the lockdown, consistent with this list all the e-commerce companies like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Patym Mall can resume full operation from 20 April. Notifications from MHA on Wednesday were quite confusing because the notice didn’t have any specifications about whether or not they will start selling non-essential goods. Earlier notice clearly mentioned that selling non essentials won’t be allowed.

Although the lockdown has increased till 3 May, Government have shown some relaxation of restrictions on some economic activities including e-comerce sales. The lockdown have cost these companies over a billion of loss in past three weeks. Government is trying hard to strike a balance between health and economy, because the fashion apparel, electronics and other non-essential goods cost them about 90% of their sales. Resuming these companies is that the first of few measure taken by government to revive the economy.

However, e-commerce company will resume fully operation in nin-containment zones only, and it’ll continue serving only essential items within the containment zones.
Digital economy is that the key to national growth, therefore the MHA have now given a green single thereto companies, call centres and data centers working for the govt activity. Thus the choice by the govt can convince be a breakthrough for setback of business and can help the economy to fall under line.

On a call with CEOs from ecommerce and gig economy companies on Wednesday, officials from Niti Aayog and MHA said that every one ecommerce activities will now be permitted, according to industry executives. “We were told that ecommerce in its entirety are getting to be allowed which we had employment to undertake to to for the state so as that buyers don’t need to begin onto the streets,” said a CEO of variety one at an ecommerce firm who attended the choice .

“The issue of sale of non-essentials through ecommerce must be clarified and each one grey areas need to be removed, so as that there aren’t any problems to sellers at local level,” a representative of the All India Online Vendors Association, which counts 4,000 sellers as its members, said.

Snapdeal made an announcement that they’re going to be resuming the sales from next week of all categories. They said they need somme orders pending as they appear the orders but couldn’t deliver due to the lockdown. they’re going to sort and deliver the orders reviced before lockdown then continue with taking new orders. While Amazon asked for more clarity on the notice issued by ministry of home affairs, they assert the notice don’t specify the resumption of non-essential good which is sort of confusing.
Many logistics praised the choice of MHA, saying this is often step of bringing the economy back on the track in phased manner.

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