With FATF deadline coming closer Pakistan yet to act to curb Terror Financing.

Financial Action Task Force(FATF) has kept Pakistan in the grey list since June 2018 and had asked them to comply to the 27 point action plan to curb terror financing and laundering and improving legal systems.

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FATF has earlier pointed out that the Pakistani government had a non- serious attitude while doing work regarding to FATF.

Director general Lubna Farooq from the Pakistan Financial Monitoring Unit updated the National Assembly Standing Committee on finance about working on 14 out of 27 points by FATF.

The deadline given to them by FATF has been extended from June 2020 to September 2020 amid coronavirus outbreak that continues to endanger lives.

Pakistan’s foreign minister Mehmood Qureshi claimed that the country will be put back in the white list soon as they passed 2 bills which were FATF related. “This FATF-related legislation will move us to the white list from grey list”, he said.

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