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With Increasing Death Toll France’s President Macron Announced Extension Of Lockdown Till May

Frances’s president, Emmanuel Macron has had to extend the lockdown in the country in order to effectively combat the Corona virus pandemic. On Monday while addressing the country the President announced that he was going to be extending the lockdown till May 11 while schools and the economy will gradually open up. The president said that the restrictions and lockdown are showing effective results even when France has not been properly prepared to tackle all challenges caused by the pandemic. France currently has a death toll of 14,967. The extension of the lockdown will be effective for another month, although the President acknowledged the sacrifices made by the country he insisted that much more could be done to save lives. While addressing the citizens of France the president said Cafe’s Restaurants and other leisure activities will remain closed.

The lockdown in France has been very though as people can only leave their homes for work. He also said that non-European borders will remain closed. The president address is coming under the fourth week of the lockdown and the number of patients in the intensive units have started to decrease. There are about 14,976 Covid-19 cases in France. The country is currently in short of testing kits and masks. France has confirmed that by next month it will be able to test everyone with symptoms. The government has had to increase the number of intensive beds in order to meet up with the demands of the global pandemic.

The president is battling mistrust after he initially said lockdown measures were not necessary but later in reversed the stance. About 6% of France population has been infected. France is one of the countries in Europe that has been hit the most by the global pandemic.

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