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Amid lockdown, Jassie Gill shoots his latest video song on phone

Punjabi singer, actor ‘Jassie Gill’ released his latest track ,”Ehna chauni aa”. Jassie Gill also urged people to stay home, stay safe and do all precaution measures that one needs too. Jassie Gill has released his song on the iphone while in the curfew. Already his team is ready and they had to release the song with video. As it’s not possible to arrange the whole team now, so he shot it on phone. Jassie Gill said,”This song just like every other song of mine, is pure melody and is all about love. It as a different experience, having shot the whole video on an iPhone 11pro and we are sure the fans will love it.”

I’m sure , during the curfew the fans will enjoy it. It will reach a maximum. Almost all his songs are famous. People feel depressed due to curfew. Hearing songs is the best remedy for them. I tell one secret, Hearing songs may relief mental stress, keep our mind calm. Melody songs are perfect to change our mood. Jassie’s fans are left hearts in the comment session. Some of them said “good bhaiya”.

Jassie gill is a famous Punjab star. He always fulfil the fans expectations. He is a admirable actor in bollywood. I expect that he will do some more songs like this. Without songs our life will be empty. Love the life you live. Meanwhile, after making his bollywood acting debut in “Happy Pirr Bhag Jayegi” in 2018, he started in “Panga” this year.

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