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With which disease Nitish Bharadwaj is suffering?

Dr Nitish Bhardwaj (born 2 June 1963) is an Indian television and film actor, director, screenwriter, film and tv Program producer, veterinarian (veterinary surgeon) pass out from Mumbai Veterinary college and former Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha. He is best known for his role as Lord Krishna in B. R. Chopra’s television series Mahabharat, as well as for his portrayal of Lord Vishnu and several avatars of Lord Vishnu in some of Chopra’s other great works, such as Vishnu Puran His debut directorial film in Marathi titled Pitruroon has won him accolades from both the audiences and critics and he now focuses on his film career entirely through screenwriting, directing and acting.

With which disease Nitish Bharadwaj is suffering?

Nitish Bhardwaj is absolutely fine. He is not suffering from any disease. He is perfect in health and safety at home.

But recently he revealed in an interview to Bombay Times that he filed for divorce in 2019. “Yes, I filed for a divorce in the Family Court in Mumbai in September 2019. I do not want to get into the reasons why we separated. The matter is in court right now. All I can say is that sometimes divorce can be more painful than death as you live with an amputated core,” he said during the interview.

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