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The YouTube of China? The Netflix of China? The ultimate online video service provider in China is Youku App. It is China’s top-rated online video service provider, users can enjoy Chinese movies, series, comics, varieties, documentaries here. It enables users to share high-quality video content across multiple devices. Youku was launched in March 2006 by Victor Koo. Being a subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holding Limited its headquarters are based in Beijing, China.

Best 5 Alternatives Of Youku App

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1. Rediff  – It is an excellent Indian entertainment portal for users for online videos and movies streaming. Along with full-length movies, Rediff provides trailers and teasers of upcoming movies, making it a one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs. It is an Indian online video streaming platform where it is easy to share high-quality content just by making your account.

Rating on Google Playstore – 3.9.

2. YouTube – It is a leading online platform for video streaming, blogging, entertainment and whatnot. This definitely doesn’t require much of the introduction as this is the most used and loved platform by all the netizens across the globe. This platform is backed by Google thus it provides best results of users typed words. Here users can set up their own channels and share as much content as they want.

Rating on Google Playstore – 4.1.

3. Vevo – Vevo is a new addition to the list of excellent platforms for video streaming services across the world. This platform backed by various established multimedia platforms thus provides the best of all the entertainment content be it movies, TV shows, music etc. Most of this content on Vevo is provided by YouTube. However, one drawback of this platform is that it is not globally available.

Rating on Google Playstore – 3.0.

4. UWatchFree – It is an excellent online video streaming platform for users to watch the latest movies, shows, series, documentaries and much more. It provides full-length high-quality content to its users. All the latest content can be easily found here. The only drawback of this platform is it keeps redirecting its users to other sites and that becomes quite annoying. In all its a good platform to binge-watch the latest content.

Rating on Google – 4.0.

5. DailyMotion – This online video hosting platform offers its services in more than 40 countries across the globe. Users can stream movies, series, documentaries, music, TV shows and much more. This runs a monetization program that enables users to create video their own video channel on Dailymotion. The only drawback of this platform is that its web media player is not very responsive and make users wait for longer times as compared to other platforms.

Rating on Google Playstore – 4.3.

Youku App banned in India? Why?

Yes, The Youku app is banned in India. Now the question arises here is why did this ban actually happen? The answer to the above question is that Since Google is banned in China users couldn’t use it to sign in into Youku thus had to provide their personal details directly to the app for monetizing their account. This raised privacy concern as the personal data of the users were directly handed over to the app and thus it was a threat to national security. All of this compelled the Indian Government to ban this Chinese App.

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Can we earn from Youku App?

Yes, you read that right! You can definitely earn from the Youku App. It allows its users to earn from it by monetizing their videos. What actually happens is Youku play ads on your videos for 30 seconds and as a reward will give you money for that. Now the catch here is, The more viewers you get on your videos, the bigger is your earnings. So in order to get more viewers you have to provide as many videos as you can along with the quality content to earn from the app.

Difference between YouTube vs Youku

Youku ban, youku vs YouTube, youku Chinese app, youku online service provider, youku drawback, youku app, alternatives of youku app, earning from youku, youku English version, youku in India, Netflix of china, youtube of china

1. Youtube has more fan base as compared to Youku as the former is a globally acclaimed app.

2. Youku provides brands to set up online stores in the menu bar where as this option is not available in YouTube.

3. YouTube has outstanding analytics as compared to Youku.

4. Youtube has a robust content ID system that prevents the fraudulent copies of videos that Youku lacks.

5. Youtube provides vast platform for users to represent themselves and reach out to the potential audience quickly.

How you can still access Youku after the ban?

Steps to access Youku are as follows:

Step-1 Download Turbo VPN App from Google Play Store.

Step-2 Select China VPN Server and connect it.

Step-3 Now you can easily access Youku app in your device even in India.

Youku Reviews

Youku has a 3.8 scale rating on Google Play Store. Users claimed it to be a great platform for streaming online videos, movies, shows etc. Users also shared their experiences of hosting their own channels on Youku and said that Youku provides a platform for content creators to reach out to their targeted audience quickly.


We at Freshtalk do not support or promote these banned apps thus we suggest our readers go for the alternatives of this Youku app as this app breaches the privacy concern of the users and poses threat to National Security. We support the decision of our government authorities.

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