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Shein is a Chinese fast fashion brand. It is an international business to consumer (B2C) platform that offers women’s fashion, men’s apparel, children’s clothing, accessories, footwear, bags and other fashion items. The brand was founded in October 2008 and has been growing as a popular fashion platform since then. Shein serves over 220 countries across the globe and has its headquarters based in China. Shein believes “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion”.

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Best 5 Alternatives Of Shein App

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1. Myntra – Myntra is an Indian based fashion e-commerce company. It is a great platform for buying clothing, footwear, accessories and other fashion items. It really has a very fast delivery system and a robust return and exchange mechanism. It also offers massive discounts during different sales round the year. The company was founded in February 2007 and was acquired by Flipkart in 2014. Its headquarters are based in Karnataka, India.

Rating on Google Playstore – 4.3.

2. LimeRoad – LimeRoad is an Indian online marketplace providing for the fashion needs of the consumers. It is a fun way to discover, share and shop. It offers its customers with the latest fashion trends and good quality clothing. It is one of the few popular online fashion shopping sites. The company is owned by A.M. Marketplaces Pvt Ltd. Being set up in Gurugram, Haryana the marketplace was launched in 2012.

Rating on Google Playstore – 3.8.

3. Nykaa Fashion – Nykaa fashion is an Indian based online platform for women’s fashion needs. It provides its customers with fresh and latest fashion trends and products to choose from. From ethnic to western it is the ultimate destination for all the fashion needs of women across the whole nation. Its parent organisation is Nykaa. Nykaa Fashion soon will launch its offline stores across the nation. Being launched in 2019 its headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Rating on Google Playstore – 3.8.

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4. Ajio – Ajio is an Indian based fashion and lifestyle brand providing its consumers with trendiest, freshest and most unique styles across India and the globe. Being one of the most popular online fashion sites Ajio is the ultimate destination for all your fashion needs. It is Reliance Retail’s first pan-Indian e-commerce venture. Launched in April 2016 its headquarters are based in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Rating on Google Playstore – 4.3.

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5. Urbanic – Urbanic is an Indian originated app of a European high-street brand that provides the latest fashion trends to women of India. It offers a similar set of products like Shein, the style, trend and quality of products are almost similar to Shein. The app was launched in India in 2017-2018 and its headquarters are based in New Delhi, India.

Rating on Google Playstore- 3.9.

Shein App banned in India? Why?

Yes, Shein is banned in India. The reason for this ban was Government authorities getting complaints about misuse of this app for stealing and secretly transmitting user’s data in an unofficial manner to locations outside India. In order to protect the cyberspace of India and to ensure the safety of interest of billions of mobile users in India, Shein is banned.

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Can we still buy products from Shein App?

No, we cannot order from Shein now because of the ban. The Shein app is not even available for download on Google Playstore, also Shein has issued a statement that it has stopped taking new orders from India effective 11th of July. Thus no further orders can’t be placed with Shein until the ban is lifted.

Pros & Cons of Shein App

fashion, clothing, earings, shein app, shein app banned in india, myntra, ajio, nykaa fashion, urbanic, limeroad, pros and cons  of shein, women fashion, women clothing, chinese app, shein reviews, shein products


1. Information and insights about latest fashion trends.

2. High quality clothing and accessories.

3. All in one shopping platform for women fashion.

4. Fast delivery system.

5. Easy return and exchange mechanism.


1. Some pieces of clothing are unnecessarily expensive.

2. Not very affordable.

3. Mainly focuses on Women’s fashion.

4. Not much options available for Men’s fashion.

5. Perosnal data is not safe in the app as claimed by the government authorities.

How to download Shein App after the ban?

Steps to access Shein App are as follows:

Step-1 Download Turbo VPN App from Google Play Store.

Step-2 Select China VPN Server and connect it.

Step-3 Now you can easily download Shein App in your device even in India.

Shein Reviews

Shein has a 4.6-star rating on Google Playstore. Shein is the favourite shopping app of fashion bloggers, content creators and women of all age. It is a well-acclaimed and popular brand among netizens. It provides its customers with high-quality clothing and the latest fashion trends. Users also stated about its amazing fast delivery and easy return mechanism. Consumers also called it an affordable platform for shopping fashion and accessories online.


We at FreshTalk do not support or promote these banned apps thus we suggest our readers go for the alternatives of this Shein app as this app breaches the privacy concern of the users and poses threat to National Security. We support the decision of our government authorities.

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