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Youtuber Bhuvan Bam loses his parents due to “Covid complications”.

On Saturday evening, when Youtube Star Bhuvan Bam took to his Instagram account to share some bad news, everyone was taken aback. Unfortunately, Bhuvan has lost his Mom & Dad to Covid-19 and informed everyone about the same by posting some beautiful and heartful pictures with his parents.

“Will have to learn to live again,” the 27-year-old young inspiration said, addressing his incomparable loss. Bhuvan posted and wrote on his IG Handle, “Without Mom and Dad with me, nothing would be the same.” Pointing out that the past month has been a rather tough one for him, he stated that everything has been ruined for him-starting from his home to his career. “I neither have my mom nor my dad around me, I would now have to learn to live life again, all by myself,” he went on pointing out that he did not have strength enough to do that. He asked a few questions at the end of his post “Was I a good son? Did I do enough to save them?” and added that he would have to live with the questions for the rest of his life. “Can’t wait to see them again,” he wrote as his last few words while wishing that the ‘day’ comes soon.

All his fans and loving ones started commenting giving the Young Youtuber love, strength, and power along with letting him know that they are there for him in his tough times. Freshtalk is really sorry for the loss, Bhuvan! Lots of Love & Hugs to You!


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