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Youtuber Gaurav Taneja’s wife Ritu Rathee announces “PREGNANCY” in THIS way.

It’s official! Our favourite YouTube couple announced the news about welcoming their Second Child in a vlog on 12th May on their official YouTube channel after which their fans filled their comment section expressing their heartiest congratulations.

Gaurav Taneja announced the same on his social media accounts on 14TH of may and captioned it as “Happy to share the news of 2.0”. Everyone shared their post and congratulated the couple on welcoming their second child. Ritu Rathee added to her social media “Hum 2, Humare 2!” All the celebrities came up to congratulate them.

Gaurav and Ritu are the most adorable couple on YouTube and their fans love them for their understanding they have between each other. The couple got married in the month of Feb 2016. They got blessed with their first child on 18th May 2018.

Their first child Rashbhari is the youngest vlogger on YouTube, she is famous for her immense curtness and the memes on her that are made on the dialogue she says. They are one of the best couples on YouTube. They are a “Perfect Match”. We wish them good luck for their next phase of life.


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