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Zayn Malik says ‘he couldn’t be more thrilled for having a baby’ with his love Gigi Hadid

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are looking forward to welcoming their first child and Zayn is thrilled about the same. They sent shockwaves around their fan-base when pregnancy news initially came to surface.

And while the 25-year-old supermodel has expressed her delight over welcoming a touch bundle of joy soon together with her longtime on-and-off boyfriend, the singer has stayed mum on how he feels about the big news. As per the insider, Zayn “couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Zayn has always been so into Gigi and she’s always been such an enormous a part of his life. Even when there have been times that they weren’t a few , the love was still considerably there. Even when the two weren’t together, he would talk openly with his friends about how he was still so in love with her and how he cared so much about her. He was very hopeful that they might revisit together.
The grapevine further spilled that Gigi and Zayn are now a strong couple and their child would be keeping the two together.

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