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24 Labour Ministry employees test positive for Covid-19 in Delhi

Corona positives cases rise to almost reaching 3lakhs in India. India reaches 5th position on the list of corona positive cases. The latest news shows that 24 officials from the Labour Ministry were tested positive. After 11 employees were tested positive, within a week the number of patients rose to 36. Along with them, some of the family members of the patients were also tested positive.

“As many as 25 officials in the labour ministry tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier 11 persons in the ministry were tested positive,” the source said. Almost six of the infected persons are from personal staff of Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar.

The officials in the ministry are being tested for COVID-19 after two of its employees were tested positive last week, which led to the closure of Shram Shakti Bhawan that houses the ministry for two days to June 5 for sanitisation. The number of infected persons in the ministry
increased to 11 by Sunday.

Every day, every minute the bar is touching the heights, without even showing a little moderation. The cases are not relaxing, but only rising. We don’t know what is about to happen now. Only we can hope for the best. And of course, take precautions and apt measures to
protect oneself and others also. Your own life and your family’s rope of life lies in your own hand. Stay safe, stay indoors.

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