56 persons quarantined after dietician in LNJP hospital’s mess tests positive for Covid19

As the number of positive cases in Delhi reaches 2,248 and the curve does not seem to be flattening in the coming weeks due to the sudden increase of exposure of asymptomatic patients who may have infected thousands.

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“56 Quarantined”

A dietician associated with the Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP) Hospital Mess tested positive COVID-19 reported Medical Superintendent of LNJP Hospital Dr. JC Passey. This has resulted in almost 56 people being put under quarantine who may have come into contact with the infected patient.

LNPJ is one of the major hospitals dealing with the pandemic-affected the patients.
“LNPJ kitchen temporarily sealed” Dr. Passey said the kitchen of LNJP Hospital has been temporarily shut down till the test reports of the persons sent to quarantine become available.”At present, food facility is being provided by two of our in-house canteen facilities,” Dr. Passey added. Meanwhile, twelve members of a family, including a two-month-old child, residing in a containment zone in old Delhi, have tested.

“LNJP doctors threatened”

Although unconnected, the incident comes just a day after several doctors and staff members at the hospital alleged that a group of patients threatened to infect them just because they were asked to wait.

The patients were brought in via a Centralized Ambulance Trauma Services (CATS) ambulance to the hospital in the morning, following which the incident took place.
“We have been at work since 9 am doing a 12-hour duty. Today, we sent around 120 patients to quarantine facilities from our hospital and have also admitted several other patients. But an incident happened with us today outside the hospital building. A CATS ambulance brought in one patient with two people. Since all doctors were attending to other patients, we requested them to wait for a bit. But they got impatient and walked up to a doctor, took off their face masks, and came close to the doctor. When the doctor urged to maintain social distancing, they began arguing and said ‘If we get coronavirus, we will give it to you as well’,” a doctor said.

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