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CISF proposal plan for resumption of metro services post lockdown


Transport fercility is the essential need for the people. As they was the lockdown, it has been stopped for a while. So many students and people’s are suffering. So, the government orders to allow the transport fertility with the safety measures. Safety measures should be taken carefully by the people. Transport fercility should be taken to the control. This lockdown had many suffering to the people.

“Welfare of people”

It has been become a month. without the transport fertility many were struggling to move for the essential need. If this had been continued many crisis will be occured in the society.

In Delhi, as the transport services is stopped for a month, the pollution rate has been reduced. As, contains maximum number of air pollution rate due to vehicles and other transport services. This was the appreciable thing in this lockdown. Sufferings are in one hand but they are lot of benefits behind this lockdown. Welfare of the nation is taken in one side and the Covid-19 pandemic disease rate is also reduced on another. Has it is extended it is inoffensive to stop the transport services. It has been taken into consideration by the government.

“Reason for closure”

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID – 19) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome . The disease was first identified in Wuhan the capital of China. The common symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath .The time from exposure to onset of symptoms is typically around 5 days but my range from two to fourteen days. . The virus is primarily spread between people during close contacts even small droplets produced by coughing, sneezing and even by talking. After many issues The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared 2019-20 outbreak a public health emergency.

Then a sudden thing has accoured the lock down begins. Individual needs the support financially , job is essential. Now due to the lockdown, work has been stopped and sufferings as increased. Citizens followed the rules lead by the government. But the lockdown is extended. This made the fear in every individual. So, the government announced to allow the transport fertility.

“Hundred years challenge”

Covid-19 is a challenge given to medical field and to the entire world. It was referred has the hundred years challenge. Every hundred year, there was one pandemic disease which threads entire world. First pandemic disease was plague which affects Spain. Spain faced many financial crises because the attack was continued for three years. The second pandemic disease is flew. The time period for both the disease is hundred years. After that, Cholera which affects France, it also affects the entire world. After hundred years of break, Covid-19 entry and affects the peace in the country. There is no medicine for Covid-19. Every disease looks many life in the country. And it causes financial crises.


The government should be appreciated. As, they consider the individual suffering. This act of consideration lead the nation to have the great success in future. Transport services had been taken but it should be carried with all the safety measures. To safeguard the others from the pandemic disease.


The normal functioning will definitely will bring larger impact on India. On other hand the transport services should be provided. The transport services should be taken by providing the precautions to the individual to control the spread of Covid-19. During this lockdown, many are escaped firm the attack so, it should be in mind of people rather than 5ge sufferings faced.

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