Actor Amit Tandon slams Mouni Roy for using her wife says ‘Don’t want to see her face’.

Recently, there has been some feud between Amit Tandon and Mouni Roy. Though the feud has not been direct, there was quite some harshness in the tone of Tandon. However, what exactly happened is quite not clear yet. 

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Actor Amit Tandon slams Mouni Roy for using her wife says 'Don't want to see her face'.

Recently, in an interview, Amit Tandon was asked about Mouni Roy, and said “Mouni Roy who?… I know my wife Ruby won’t say this but this took a lot out of her. I don’t think I want to see Mouni Roy’s face ever again. That girl used my wife. We thought she was genuine but when Ruby was in trouble, Mouni ne uska saath chhod diya. Jaise logon ke chehre badaltey hain, waise hi hua. We are seeing a new face of Mouni Roy; this is not the Mouni we knew.

However, we do know something about what happened to Tandon’s wife, Ruby. Apparently, Ruby was arrested back in 2017 for she had threatened some Dubai official authorities. She was in Dubai Jail for 10 months. The couple had separated back then but again reconciled in 2019.  

Amit Tandon had also said “We perceived her as a genuine person, she has hurt Ruby’s soul. Miss Roy, you left Ruby when she was at a low zero, today she is bigger than before. Ruby would do so much for everyone, she is so selfless; she would sacrifice her own food. There is no forgiveness for Mouni Roy from our side. I have told Ruby that if she ever accepts back in her life, I won’t be around her, main toh phir Gaya.”  

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