Manoj Patil sold ‘expired steroids’ for 2 lakh: Sahil Khan.

Sahil Khan was recently in the news for being the reason behind Manoj Patil’s attempt to suicide. After the allegations came up the Mumbai police filed a case against Sahil Khan and three other names for allegedly instigating the actor to push himself to take his own life. Khan recently sat down with ABP news where he revealed that Manoj Patil had sold fake and expired steroids worth two lakh rupees to Raj Faujdar. He went on to add how Raj informed Sahil after which the actor took to social media to spread awareness and write against Patil.

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Manoj Patil sold 'expired steroids' for 2 lakh: Sahil Khan.

Sahil showed the bills, while Faujdar asked for his money back after which Manoj threatened to kill himself. Faujdar talked to ABP news and confirmed the same. According to inside sources, this is not the first time Patil has been involved in such a scandal. Patil then went on to tell how Khan came near his place of residence to threaten him, which was denied by Sahil by telling how he was there to show his friends a place they could rent.

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