Amitabh Bachchan shares a thoughtful message for everyone on Instagram with his recent post, check here.


Amitabh Bachchan does not leave any chance to impress his fans in all aspects of entertainment. He keeps motivating his fans, keeps sharing funny things to make laugh. From his earlier post, people burst in a smile and recently he again shared a post on his Instagram with a thoughtful message in the caption.

Today, Big B posted a picture of himself in white wear with a colourful background like the colours of Holi on Instagram and smiling a little bit which is quite heart-melting. He also wrote a message to the picture which was totally amazing. Amitabh Bachchan from his messages always makes us respect him more and increase his value in our eyes.

The message which he wrote to the picture is “एक हल्का सा हवा का झोंका जलते ” दीपक ” को बुझा सकता है पर “ अगरबत्ती ” को नहीं … क्योंकि जो “ महकता ” है वही पुरा जीवन आनंदित रहता है … , और जो ” जलता ” है वह खुद बुझ जाता है “.I.E. “A slight gust of wind can extinguish the burning lamp but not the incense sticks because what is pleasing remains the whole life and the one who burns it extinguishes itself”.

Big B again fall us in love with him after sharing this thoughtful message, it is very clearly showing how he thinks about life. What thinking he has? It is really amazing.

Even he is fighting from corona still he does not leave a chance to make us feeling wow for him. We wish for him for the speedy recovery so we can see our Mahanayak again in the jalsa of b town.