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Ananya Panday denies reports of ‘arranging ganja’ for Aryan Khan on WhatsApp.

The Aryan Khan Drug Case is going down in a spiral. What started off with him might lead to a string of drug users in the industry. As Aryan Khan is a celebrity kid, the NCB is trying to get into the group. They want to find out which other celebrity kids are involved with drugs too.

Ananya Panday denies reports of 'arranging ganja' for Aryan Khan on WhatsApp.

The first one to fall under the bus was Ananya Panday. As the NCB was getting into the depth of Aryan Kahn’s WhatsApp chats, they found out a lot of chats. These charts point towards the fact that even Pandey might be supplying the drugs for the celebrity. A source said “According to sources, the NCB showed Ananya Panday her chats with Aryan Khan where Aryan had asked her if arrangements for drugs could be made. To this, Ananya replied, ‘I will raise’ the matter. When confronted, Ananya said she was just joking with Aryan Khan.

However, when confirmed, Ananya Panday had said “I didn’t know weed is a drug.” This brings forth a lot of new questions and riddles for the NCB to solve. It has also been reported that she will be called in for another round of questioning the next day. If the officials aren’t satisfied with her answers, she might be taken to court even.  

Let us see where the case leads us to. 

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