NCB raids Ananya Panday’s home seizes phones and laptop amid Aryan Khan’s drug case.

After Aryan Khan’s drug case, a lot of celebrities have again started to get involved with the NCB. Ever since the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case, there has been a lot of investigation targeting celebrities. The media has also tried to make some good headlines with the hot news regarding celebrities. 

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NCB raids Ananya Panday's home seizes phones and laptop amid Aryan Khan's drug case.

Recently, Ananya Panday has been in the limelight. She was called to the NCB office today in the afternoon. Near about at 4 p.m, she was spotted outside the office. After almost 2 hours, she was finally seen coming out of the office. She had also been again called on Friday for further investigation. The media and people are still wondering what exactly is going on with the celebrity.  

However, it was reported that the NCB has already seized Ananya Panday’s phones and laptops. Hence, people are suspecting that even she might be involved with the huge drug cartel case with which Aryan Khan has been related to even.

During the Aryan Khan case the judge stated “In the case at hand, material placed on record reveals that there is incriminating material in the form of WhatsApp chats, etc which shows the nexus of the applicant / accused no. 1 with suppliers and peddlers.” They also added, “There is prima facie material showing that accused No 1 was in contact with persons dealing in prohibited narcotic substances.”

A lot more is yet to be known about the case.

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