Anupam Kher calls BMC’s ‘bulldozer’ a ‘Bullydozer’, backs Kangana Ranaut, check here

We all know after the Sushant Singh Rajput case a lot of controversies is coming over. Our brave actress Kangana said a lot about Bollywood and its ways of treating the newcomers. Initially, a lot was said about nepotism, where people like Karan Johar, Salman khan etc were made victims. This gave a lot of popularity to Kangana. 

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Later on, she kept on saying things, some were right, some were not, who knows what actually the truth is. but whatever it, she is just put frothing her views. We know Shiv Sena plays an important role in Sushants’s murder case. From the beginning without being scared of anyone Kangana Ranaut is saying whatever she feels is right. But Sanjay Raut is giving her threats, which is obviously wrong because India is a democratic country, we have the right to speak. But when Kangana is using that right why is she being violated.

She has been getting death and rape threats from Sanjay Raut. She has been provided with protection, the movies are being banned. Why is this happening? Just because she used her right? This is totally wrong. Senior actor ANUPAM KHER expressed his views about the same saying BMC it’s not a bulldozer, they are behaving like bullydozers, which is completely wrong. They should stop with this bully. Otherwise, our country will have to fight for their rights. No matter who so ever is against us. We are in for Kangana and her right. 

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