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Anushka Sharma enjoys a virtual “success party” for the success of her web series ‘Paatal Lok’. Find out the details here.

A picture was shared by Anushka Sharma a few hours ago. The picture was of zoom call with the team members of Pataal Lok. Pataal Lok is the latest released web series. The picture looks like the new party norm now.

Paatal Lok is a crime thriller which is helmed by Anushka Sharma. Paatal Lok was released just a day before and the series had definitely managed to hit home. The genre of this series will be loved by the audience and is of a kind that audiences have been enjoying. The web series has been receiving different reviews, it is all over the internet and the people are speaking and writing on the series.

Meanwhile, due to the lockdown, there is no scope for having a grand celebration or even for a small gathering as the spread of the virus is increasing day by day without a pause. But even on this day of worries technology helps to meet virtually and to share happiness.

Producer of Paatal Lok shared a picture on her Instagram handle the picture was of their success party virtually even on this ongoing day of worries and safety. Sudip Sharma, Jaideep Ahlawat, Prosit Roy, Abhishek Banerjee, and a few others were seen in the video call picture all were with the huge smiles of happiness on their faces. Just like the smile we all give while clicking a picture. ‘What ‘Success party’s’ look like in these times. Had a blast with this incredible team of ours.’ written by Anushka.


Recently in a chat with Jaydeep, he was questioned about the 2nd season of the series.

He says, “Of course, there’s a possibility. As far as I know, the hint that I have gotten is that Sudip sir is already working on it [scripting season 2]. I hope it happens and I would love to take the story forward.” Ask him what could it be about, and he says, “It might be a different case or the continuation of the same case as season 1, I don’t know. But, I would love to play Hathiram again. His involvement has just started. Hathiram has just entered the game. We feel that he will finally start now. Now, things are in his favour.”

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