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Apple announced soon it’s map will be directly display Coronavirus testing sites

” Introduction”

First of all, It is our duty to thank technology. Technology had played the vital role in individuals life. Man had completely depends upon the technology and moving back of it. “Nothing is impossible.” In ancient day it’s suite the individual, now a days it is applicable to technology. Nothing is impossible when it move to the hands. It has given the best to world and we are enjoying. To hear the word ‘ India is developed’ Technology should be in high. Everything depends upon the one word technology.

“Digital world”

Skilful scientists are present in India and other country. Development of technology is only because of skilful scientists. In this digital world, iphones are present in nock and corner. In earlier days only few individuals are provided with mobile phone. But even the children of today has iPhone and they are capable of operating it. Photos are used only for the communication. The main aim is to communicate the people long distance. Communication is the essential need and it is made true by the development of Technology. For the entire street their had one phone and it became for one house one phone. But due to development, an individual as separate communication device. This explains how the technology is in use. The Mobile phones are used for many purposes other then communication.

” Quota of technology”

One can get the information for their place by using one device. this is a greatest advantage of technology. GPS locations is the quota of mobile phones. it is helpful to detect the location. If one is travelling alone for the long distance, their can on GPS location. It will help them from any dangers. GPS locations are helpful for cabdriver and many others. Now the Apple company had announced the new features in the iPhone. Next paragraph will tell about the features.

” New feature in Apple iPhone”

The world is suffering for lockdown which is because of Coronavirus. It is being the big problem to overcome. Scientists are finding the way to overcome the pandemic disease. This outbreak continues and they is the extension of lockdown. During this time, Apple company had announced that, it’s map will help to find the location of virus. This will help to save the individual from the attack of Covid-19. This feature is announced by the Apple companies. Apple iPhone had advanced features compare to other companies. This will increase the market of Apple phones.

” Various role”

Technology had entered in every corner. It do what the man can and the man can’t. It had placed its feet in every field of science. Technology had the greatest advantage in India. Everything will come in one word. Technology are respected more than the individuals mind. Mobile Phone are present in every hands. If one has advantage it will also have disadvantages. Disadvantage are also should be considered.

Technology affects the peace in world. Many small living organisms are destroyed because of the radiation comes out from the mobile phone. Ecosystem is damaged. Birds has it role to be played in the world. It also created to do favour for ecosystem. When it is killed by technology, its role is stopped and affects the entire normal functioning of ecosystem.


Apple announced the new features which helps the people to overcome the pandemic disease Covid-19. It helps to overcome from the crises. It is the greater advantage in technology.

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