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‘Friends’ cast secretly a 90 minute ‘mock rehearsal’ over live video app Zoom for their reunion episode

Friends was one of the superhit series in the television world.It taught us how important it is to have friends. They taught us that it is okay to fall, as long as someone is there to pick you up and push you forward. They taught us to forgive and forget. They taught us to fall in love and also to move on. The reunion episode of ‘Friends’ was to be telecasted but due to the corona virus outbreak, the shoot had to be canceled. According to reports, the cast has secretly recorded a 90-minute special recently. Actor Courteney Cox and director Ben Winston filmed a “mock rehearsal” over live video app Zoom recently.It was supposed to be a part of the May launch of the new HBO Max streaming service.However the lockdown has bought all the plannings to hault.

Friends has successfully completed 25 years and still the fans cant get over it.The characters have made a special corner for dem in hearts of their fans. The characters are so relatable and that they way during which they live their life is worth watching. A great cast and smart writing is what made the show.
Ross’s care will make you understand what a friend’s care means.
Rachel’s independence will cause you to understand that regardless of who is there with you or not but “Friends will always be there for you” everytime.

Phoebe’s attitude will cause you to realise regardless of what the planet cares you but its okay to be strange.
Chandler’s sarcasm will cause you to documented to the methods to suck out humour from every situation and make it interesting.
Monica’s love for cleanliness and Chandler will cause you to educated to the important difference between obsession and love.
Joey teaches that its okay to be dependent and lately understand the jokes which we totally relate to.

Friends ending was just an end of a era. Hope we get to see the reunion episode soon…

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