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With the hiked demand due to lockdown, Amazon stops accepting new online grocery orders

Amazon has stopped accepting orders and disabled the delivery of low- priority products to supply the customers with essential grocery items. The company has put new customers on the waiting list and is clearing the backlog of orders for the existing customers who are shopping online due to the coronavirus outbreak. Amazon has increased the number of Whole Foods store online grocery items from 80 to 150 locations but still people are unable to place their orders due to unavailability of delivery slots. The company said that it will transfer its new customers to waiting list as soon as the delivery slots get cleared.

The delivery of essential items such as household staples, health and hygiene supply, medicines, baby products and sanitizers are being done. For the entire low priority product the company is offering the option to cancel their orders and receive a refund for their prepaid items. The company says that due to their unavailability to the customers it may impact their sellers but it appreciates their patience and continues to fulfil the essential demands of the customers also, with all the cities under lockdown the company is seeking help of local authorities to deliver the items without any damage in the given time.

As the demands surges the world’s largest online retailer is leveraging its customers by delivering important products and grocery items to doorsteps amid the coronavirus pandemic. Amazon also plans to shorten the some Whole Food houses so that its workers can provide a hand in online grocery orders. Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime are the two grocery services provided by Amazon directly from the warehouses and Whole Food stores which provides ultra fast delivery within hours with customers allowed to choose a delivery window. Amid the lockdown Amazon’s online grocery order capacity has increased by 60% and the Amazon Prime users have never complained about the delivery window. The company is hiring more delivery workers to increase the process and has offered a pay raise to the workers to encourage them to work for grocery delivery services, the hourly workers at Amazon will receive a double pay raise after 40 hours for overtime, up from 1.5 times rate from March till May.

The company has increased its pay rise second time and has hired 100,000 workers to deliver the essential items across the globe. As the pandemic increases it has provided unlimited pay off and advice to stay home to the employers who are not feeling well and it also has distributed workers into shifts and separated their rooms to avoid contacts during lunchtime, also; it has launched a new feature in the app which help customers to secure their place in line while placing orders to distribute a delivery window on the basis of first come, first serve. Amazon currently has 487 Whole Food houses and limited customers are allowed at once also, the company checking its employers daily and providing them with masks and gloves.

Amazon has assured that very soon the things will get back to normal and it will start accepting all the awaited orders once the backlog orders and deliver slots are cleared, and the company appreciates the patience of the customers regarding their services.

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